Rhinoplasty – nose surgery

Theatment executed on workplaces: Prague Emauzy | Karlovy Vary Orplid

Rhinoplasty – nose surgery – Photogallery

Nose with little hump 3 months after surgery with small shortening of the nose and straightenig the hunp

Wider and more massive nose 7 months after narrowing and refinement of the tip and skeletons of the nose

Bigger nose with hump, 4 months after overal and hump reduction

Quite big nose with little hump. 5 weeks after completely contractined and little reduction hump

Quite big nose with slightly cascading tip, 6 weeks after completely contractioned and shorter and change of nose-lip angel

Small hump of bone of the nose, 2 weeks after gently reduction

Quite big and long nose, completely contractioned and a little bit shorter nose, 18 months after surgery

Large nose with big hump, complete reduction and change of profile after removal of hump 3 weeks after surgery

Quite big nose 7 weeks after surgery with complete contraction soft and hard-bone- parts of nose, good healing of tissues, in middle age

Bigger nose after overal reduction for overall softening facial 1 year after surgery

Quite big and long nose, 10 months after contractioned and shorter nose

More pronounced and the nose tip, wish of patient was only tip reduction,6 months after surgery without nose bone reduction

Quite big nose with bigger tip of the nose, 9 months after completely contractioned and little shorter

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