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I had the face and neck lift on October the 2nd, just about one month and a half ago. I had it in Prague, at Dr. Dusan Zaruba’s clinic. First of all, I want to say, that Dr.Zaruba is a pure genius. He returned me to myself, and now I am looking forward for many happy years. I’m sixty years old now (had my birthday just about a month ago). I was always looking much younger than my age, so I was never considering such radical thing as plastic surgery. But during last year I had the strongest and continuous stress, so all my years just jumped on me. After all it seemed that the life was over… I could not look in the mirror, and I could not afford the surgery in the place I live (Canada). Then I heard from someone that the prices in Prague are fare and the quality of medical services is high. And all of these turned out to be true.

Facelift - necklift 1 Facelift - necklift 2 Facelift - necklift 1 Facelift - necklift 2

I was very lucky to meet Dr.Zaruba because I did not have any information on any particular doctor in Prague. For very long hours I was searching through websites of Prague clinics. I found out that there is definite lack of information on this subject in the internet. Mostly, there are paid advertisements made by clinics. One of the best sites I managed to find was this one. It gave me an idea how to look and what to look for. So, to make long story short, I found Dr. Zaruba, and decided to go with him because I liked him. For me, he looked just right, like a doctor, not like a highly paid manager (that’s how many of the doctors today look like). And, besides this, I liked his website, nice and clear, with the before and after pictures. Here is the site: Check it. What I also liked, was the fact that they have a branch in Carlsbad, so after surgery in Prague I planned to go to Carlsbad to have some time for recovery in such a wonderful resort. In this case, if something would go wrong, I hoped to be taken care of.

Facelift - necklift 3 Facelift - necklift 4 Facelift - necklift 3 Facelift - necklift 4

So, I and my husband came to Prague three days before the surgery. I had my tests, and for three days enjoyed the one of the most beautiful cities. Then the day X came. I was a little nervous, which is common. By the way, in the clinic I met a woman, who came from America for the second time. First, she did the face and breasts, then came for upper lids surgery. She kept saying how lucky I am to get to Dr. Zaruba. And, she was absolutely right! After I was accommodated in the room, the nurse made me an injection… and the next thing I remember was being in the same room, after the surgery, with the big white hat made out of bandages. It was over, and, from this point, the time was working for me.

Facelift - necklift 5 Facelift - necklift 6 Facelift - necklift 5 Facelift - necklift 6

One night in the clinic, and, next morning I went home. I did not have any strong pain, just certain uncomforting, which is normal, I guess. Doctor gave me painkillers, and I had couple of pills on the first day. No antibiotics. They don’t give it unless you need them. On the third day I was allowed to remove the bandages and to wash hair. And then, we went for a long walk in the amazing Prague. Two days later I met my doctor, he checked up my condition, the stiches and so on. Everything was good, and he allowed me to go to Carlsbad. And the rest of the vacation was just perfect. As beautiful as it could be. By the way, my 60th birthday did not upset me a bit. I feel like forty, and look like forty. Like I have many years to enjoy. Thank you, dear Doctor Zaruba! You are the best!

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