Botulotoxine type A

Using botulotoxin applied in small doses in skin, the activity of mimic muscles is reduced, the skin is smoothened and mimic wrinkles disappear.

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Standard application:

  • forehead wrinkles (while raising eyebrows – surprise mimics)
  • wrinkles between nose and eyebrows (while knitting eyebrows – scowling mimics)
  • wrinkles around eyes (while smiling)

News in application for face and neck (Paris – May 2006 and January 2007):

  • nose wrinkles (ridge of the nose)
  • bottom eye lids wrinkles (wrinkles appearing while smiling)
  • chin wrinkles (appearing while wrinkling chin)
  • upper and bottom lip wrinkles (while pouting)
  • upper lip extension
  • neck wrinkles (vertical and horizontal – injection applied to platysma)

Sweating elimination by botulotoxine:

Application of injections to armpit – must be repeated 2-3x per year.


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