Affects health and look of skin and has positive effects on skin.

Mechanic peeling (micro-dermabrasion)

We use a special device Gentle Peel by Medicom. A stream of soft crystals causes abrasion and peeling of old, deteriorated and dead cells on the skin surface (face, lower neck, back of hands). It is used for coarse and porous skin, to smoothen fine wrinkles, scars after acne, smallpox and pigmentation. Micro-dermabrasion is successfully combined with chemical peeling and laser gel masque.

Chemical peeling

We use peeling solutions by a Spanish company Skin Tech, the world leader in the field of chemical peelings and healing cosmetics.

  • Easy Phytic (a mixture of alphahydroxy acids – glycolic acid, lacto-acid, phyto-acid)
    • no skin peeling, quick healing, application for younger clients – acne, sun reactions, pigmentation
  • Easy TCA (alphahydroxy acids, trichloroacetic acid, vitamins, antioxidants)
    • more in-depth effect, after treatment the skin peeling and red effect is noticeable (recession within 2-3 days). This treatment is appropriate for skin regeneration (for clients at the age of 40 or more), reduction of surface wrinkles and smoothening of face relief (face, lower neck area, back of hands, etc.)
  • Unideep – the same composition as TCA, higher concentration of acids, improved effect.
    • the treatment also covers application of the healing cosmetics by SkinTech (after chemical peeling)

Laser peeling

Laser beam makes the upper skin layers to evaporate. With our laser device Ultrapulse CO2 (by US company Coherent – now Lumenis) we use a heat that is transferred to deeper skin layers. Thermal shrinkage occurs and leads to shortening of collagen and elastic tissues and supports their recreation. We refer this effect to a long-term collagen rejuvenation.

This treatment considerably reduces wrinkles, smoothens and stretches the skin. In contrast to erbium lasers, this effect is long lasting (3 – 7 years).

Petty face treatment (e.g. wrinkles of upper lip) is executed at local anaesthesia, while full-face treatment requires general anaesthesia. After the treatment it is necessary to use the recommended creams and cosmetics and protect the skin from sun effects.



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