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I have reservations about using photographs before and after surgery to demonstrate the excellent results of aesthetic surgery clinics. To begin with, one or two good photos after surgery depict nothing about the quality of work at the clinic. Furthermore, it is crucial that the final result after surgery matches the client’s requirements as much as possible, rather than achieving the biggest difference before and after surgery. Photographs can also be misleading in the sense that the result of surgery for one type of face, nose, breasts etc. can hardly ever be achieved for another type of face, nose, breasts etc.

This is why it is always important to discuss all possible options resulting from each operation with every client during consultations. It is essential to adapt the type and extent of the surgery to their specific requirements and the possibilities related to their age, type of tissue etc.

Similarly, photographs transformed by various computer programs to show how the client’s face or body will age or what it will look like after surgery are purely fiction, albeit perhaps in 3D format. No current computer or a computer in the near future can evaluate the biological condition of tissues, their developmental dynamics or adaptation post surgery and during the recovery period.

But sometimes photographs and computer-generated previews can help us create an approximate image that not everyone is able to create for themselves.

The photo galleries on our web pages are structured to show and explain the different extent of separate operations, the different options for recovery and also, of course, the limitations of a human body and tissue. We gradually add more photographs and descriptions in order to illustrate individual issues and help our clients’ visions of what we do and don’t want to achieve through surgery.