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Facial contour plastic surgeries are a special group of surgical procedures that usually correct the innate contour of the face and thus produce a significant effect on the general expression.

The contour of the face is most significantly determined by the shape of the nose and also of the chin. The chin contour is influenced by the position of the upper and lower jaw including the upper and lower teeth, which are either in the correct position with the correct bite or in the wrong position with an overbite of the lower or upper jaw.

This defective position of the jaw must be corrected by a dental surgeon since an intervention in the respective jaw and the bite is inevitable.

However, quite often the upper and lower jaws are positioned well, but the facial contour is affected by a poorly developed chin projection of the lower jaw or alternatively, by its over-development.

Sometimes, the prominent chin is formed merely by a larger mass of soft tissues, thus making the surgical procedure to reduce it much easier . The effect produced on the change of the lower half of facial contour is excellent.

A consultation with the plastic surgeon is an essential step in deciding for surgery. In most cases, X-rays of the jaws must be taken in addition to the regular pre-operation examination, so that the scope of procedure as well as other examinations may be assessed, and so that a procedure can be recommended by a dental surgeon.

Pre-operation Instructions

  1. A consultation with a plastic surgeon is followed by internal pre-operation examination, and then a term for an operation can be agreed.
  2. Having paid an advance,the operation term becomes binding for both parties, the remaining part of the operation price shall be paid on the day of the operation.
  3. It is necessary to appear fasting to the operation (i. e., do not drink, eat, smoke since midnight), following complete hygienic measures including hair washing, without any make-up)!
  4. Any jewels including earrings should be left at home!
  5. After the operation, a patient has to stay at the department until a complete stabilization of the health condition. The patient is released to the treatment at home on the next morning after the operation.
  6. We recommend the patients to be accompanied and transported by car, in case of patients from other towns.
  7. An extended stay at our department can be agreed individually, as well as admitting to the department in the afternoon on the day prior to the operation in case of patients from other towns.

The Surgical Procedure and the Post-Operation Period

The surgery of lower jaw chin projection is done under total anaesthesia, accessing the area from the intraoral cavity. The incision is taken on the edge of the gums of the lower jaw and of the lower lip mucosa. From there, the entire chin projection is exposed. No visible scars will be left after the surgery. When the chin is small and receding, the loosened arc is pushed forward and fixed in place with a wire loop or special metal screws. If the chin projection is heavy and protruding, it must be made smaller and dainty.

During procedures where only excessive soft tissues are to be removed, the incision is taken through the chin at its lower edge because the excessive skin has to be removed as well. The resulting scar is in proportion to the extent of the removed skin.

The patient is admitted to hospital and stays overnight. After they are stabilised, their wound is re-dressed and they are discharged into home care.

For a period of 3 – 5 days after the operation, cold compressions should be applied, as swellings of the chin and the lower lip must be accounted for. For a minimum of one week, it is necessary to apply an elastic bandage or apply a special adhesive fixation. Sutures are removed within 1 – 2 weeks of the surgery.

After the tissues are healed and stabilised, the results are very good and the effect is permanent. No restrictions or special rehabilitation are required. The swelling will be worse and a fever and pain might arise if the resting regimen is not observed. If stronger pain, excessive swelling and a temperature above 38°C arise, the patient should report to their surgeon for an examination as quickly as possible.

The data presented is based on a common post-operation course. However, a recovery is an individual process depending not only on healing abilities of any individual body, but also on every patient´s conscientiousness.

The patient is expected to set such conditions for a period of several days after his operation to be able, in case of any subjective problems or complication, to come as soon as possible for examination to our department.

A positive operation result and mutual satisfaction is in your interest as well as in ours. Mutual trust and co-operation of the patient with the surgeon is a vital precondition.

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