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FTC – Fine Thread Contour = Thread Contouring Treatment

What is FTC – Fine thread contour therapy?

  • the new trend in anti-aging
  • the best cosmetic technique to lift and tighten sagging skin tissues using bio-absorbable and antimicrobial filament threads
  • revolutionary approach to revive and tighten skin with vectoring capability as in a surgical lift
  • optimum result by pushing and stabilizing tissue in the direction we decide for contouring
  • ideal to prevent premature aging of the skin

What induce FTC in the skin?

  • skin rejuvenating effects
  • stimulation of collagen production
  • promotion of local blood microcirculation – angiogenesis
  • activation of reparative processes – wound healing effect: fibroblast stimulation,improve skin tone, tightening pores by new tissue
  • vectored collagen induction (VCI) by the absorbtion – hydrolysis of the thread involved

Characteristics of procedure :

  • fast-simple-easy-economic procedure
  • minimal invasiveness
  • no scars-extremely small incisions
  • minimal risk of bleeding
  • minimal down time (erythema,oedema,heamatoma ) – after use make-up
  • instant and long lasting results – for 2 years
  • 100% bio-compatible
  • minimal pain – without anesthesia – cream can be applied
  • high satisfaction of doctors and patients

Why PDO (polydioxanone) – monofilament and PGA ( polyglycolic acid )-polyfilament threads?

  • excellent handling
  • very low capillarity
  • very high initial tensile strength
  • excellent pliability and flexibility

Applications areas:

  • face-check-nasolabial fold-lift+volume
  • forehead-lift
  • brow-lift
  • neck-lift+volume



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